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Aidar technologies is here to establish a strong presence for your business online, we achieve this by implementing innovative digital marketing strategies to our clients business. As a  leading Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad, we focus on driving leads and revenue to our clients business.Our team is young and highly qualified with fresh ideas and innovative approaches to provide great customer service.To avail digital marketing services to boost your company’s revenue call us or visit our physical office located at madhapur hyderabad.

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We are one among Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad.  Emergence of online shopping has also given birth to a never ending  competition to be on top in the search results and dragging most numbers of customers towards site. Digital marketing strategies play an  important role in improving your business online. It helps in increasing your brand awareness among the people who are interested in business related to your business. Hence increase the  chance of conversion online.A conversion can be a purchase,filling up a lead form. More  conversions help you gain more revenue for your business. If you are looking to take your  business to the next level we are here to provide you the  Digital Marketing services to  grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Following best SEO practises not only improves your website visibility but also improves user experience of your website.

Social Media Marketing

SMM helps businesses create positive perception in the mind of consumers and help increased brand equity.

PPC Marketing

A small river named Duden flow by their place and supplies with the necessary

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is marketing your product or service on search engines. You can define audience how are interested in your business.


With Online reputation management (ORM) is about improving or restoring your name or your brand's good standing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient way to ensure that small businesses can reach , grow their customer base, and build their reputation.

10 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

1. Your Goals

Our expert digital marketing team will work with you to achieve your digital marketing goals by developing a strategy that best suits your business.

2. Creating a Plan

Conduting a site audit helps you understand the issues related to content of the website, links and images on the website. By fixing these issues you can make your website search engine optimization and user friendly.

3. Competitive Analysis

Competitor Analysis helps in analyzing your competitor’s strategies, their strengths and weaknesses relevant to your service or product. Using competitors analysis you can formulate your own business strategy and help your company outrank your competitors.

4. Keyword Research

Keywords Research is finding terms or phrases people search in search engines. keyword research helps you understand the search volume, competition for a keyword. It is suggested to use high search volume keyword with low competition. Once you have finalized your keywords try to develop content by incorporating these keywords in your content without violating google norms.

5. Mapping Optimization

Keyword mapping is assigning keywords to specific page on your website. Once you have mapped a keyword to a webpage you can create content related to the mapped keywords and follow on page optimization techniques based on the mapped keyword.

6. Implementation

By implementing best on page and off page search engine optimization techniques to your  website our seo experts help your website improve its rank and gain organic traffic from the search engines.

7. Monitor Traffic & Rankings

Our Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad monitor traffic and rankings of your website by using tools like google analytics and  search console. This insights give us performance overview of your site like how much traffic your website is getting, how many conversions are happening on your website, what is the rank of your website for a particular keyword.

8. Refine SEO Plan

By analyzing site performance data, we can change our search engine optimization strategies to improve your search engine rankings. Making a website appear on the top in serp helps in driving organic traffic to your website where you can convert visitors to customers.

9. Content Creation

Creating content that is unique and relevant to your product or service is always rewarded by search engines. unique content is a important ranking factor for search engines.

10. Reporting & Refinement

Regular monitoring and reporting of website performance helps use to understand the impact of our strategies on your business. Reporting helps us analyze how much traffic visited our website, source of the traffic, behavior of the visitors on your website.

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